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Muhammad Waseem


Attending Physician, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln

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Marking Three Decades of Emergency Care in the South Bronx

In May, Dr. Muhammad Waseem, a pediatric emergency medical attending at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln Medical Center, will celebrate his 60th birthday. The following month, in June, he will celebrate his 30th anniversary of working at the hospital. “I’ve spent half my life here in this building,” he said. “It sometimes surprises me because this was my first job.”

Dr. Waseem grew up in Pakistan, an upbringing that led to his dedicating his career to working in underserved communities.

“I’m coming from a third-world country where life is not that ideal. It’s a country with unfortunate notoriety for its underdeveloped medical infrastructure and severe access to care barriers. Witnessing the repercussions of delayed treatment fueled my commitment to serve fellow humans in dire need,” he said.

“I’m very aware of how vulnerable life is in the Bronx. I know how it feels to be inside such a not-ideal situation. I’m always teaching my students one lesson: be kind. Always be kind. God has given us each such little time. Such little capacity. Whatever we can give to others, people should get benefits from interacting with us.”

His philosophy as a doctor is an old one: leave everything better than you found it.

“He is a remarkable mentor and educator, motivating thousands of students and residents over his years of service,” said Akhila Reddy Mandadi, Lincoln’s director of the Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. “He is the department’s wellness guru and is well-known for his mini-PowerPoint presentations or celebratory huddles, all directed towards students or staff for their performance or service.”

His research initiatives have leapt off the pages of research papers and into gripping real-life benefits including removing guns from the streets, preventing suicides, and averting the ripple effects of bullying with an approach as simple as inviting kids to draw their life.

He credits his kind laugh — which is more of a giggle — to the joys of being around children all day, even at their most vulnerable or most wounded.

“Working at a public hospital provides an opportunity to serve those who otherwise may not receive care. It transcends mere employment. It is a commitment to profoundly impact and make a difference in people’s lives,” he said.

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