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Laura Hyde, MD, MPH

Laura Hyde, MD, MPH

Attending Surgeon
NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln

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Honoring the Sacred Bond Between Surgeon and Patient

As an Attending Surgeon and Associate Director of the General Surgery Residency Program at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, Dr. Laura Hyde finds some of her greatest satisfaction in the accomplishments of the residents she teaches. When a patient needed an emergency hand amputation after being struck by a subway train, Dr. Hyde watched with pride as her senior resident led the operation without her help. “I love to notice and celebrate the moments when a resident is able to do something that they could not have done three or six months before,” Dr. Hyde says. 

It was only three years ago that Dr. Hyde was herself a resident, at the University of California, San Francisco, followed by a surgical critical care fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Since joining Lincoln in 2021, she has quickly come to appreciate the challenges of working in New York’s public health system. “Most of our patients face many obstacles that complicate their medical care,” she says. “It is both difficult and immensely rewarding to partner with patients to ensure they receive optimal care despite these barriers.” 

Dr. Hyde draws on personal experience to connect with patients at their most difficult times. When she was young, her grandparents’ prolonged illnesses made an indelible impression. “I watched my mother and her siblings try to make decisions together, which gave me an appreciation for the subtlety of medical decision making.” She also spent a year earning a Masters of Public Health at Columbia University, “which continues to inform my approach to patient care.” 

She also enjoys the variety: Emergency surgery for a traumatic injury one day, an appendicitis case the next. “And then I’ll spend a week in the surgical ICU using my brain in an entirely different way to manage critically ill patients with multi-organ failure.” In all cases, “To me, there is a sacred bond when a patient trusts you enough to allow you to operate on them. I don’t take that for granted.”

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