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Julie Myers, MD

Julie Myers, MD

Deputy Chief Medical Officer

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Finding Joy in Patient Care

Dr. Julie Myers joined MetroPlusHealth in 2020, bringing to the city’s public health insurance plan her considerable skills as a physician executive with deep experience as a leader of the city’s responses to major public health challenges. After nine years in the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, seven of them as Director of HIV Prevention, Dr. Myers is now MetroPlusHealth’s deputy chief medical officer, with responsibility for overseeing an array of programs including HIV services, care management, children’s special services, housing services and managed long-term care. 

Dr. Myers has had a busy three years at MetroPlusHealth: She has transformed the plan’s HIV services department, been its COVID-19 expert and guided members and their providers on how to deal with the city’s Mpox and RSV outbreaks. Her guiding strategy has been to build the skills of staff members to promote members’ engagement in their care and improve their adherence to treatment. 

“I am so proud to be in service to the city, working to address the needs of our huge, diverse population as part of a terrific team of professionals and support staff,” says Dr. Myers. “We work dynamically and tirelessly on behalf of some of the neediest New Yorkers. We are resourceful and intrepid, showing grit and pluck but also empathy and compassion. I love that spirit, and it matches my own.”

One of her proudest moments was when MetroPlusHealth’s HIV special needs plan, Partnership in Care, achieved the highest viral load suppression rating of the three special needs plans in the state. “Viral load suppression represents the ultimate health goal for people with HIV; once they achieve it, it has tremendous implications for their own long-term health and also means they can’t pass HIV to their HIV-negative sex partners. Win-win! It was a major team effort involving many colleagues and partners.” 

Dr. Myers earned her undergraduate degree in biology at Yale and worked as a research assistant at The Rockefeller University and in a research lab in Spain before earning her medical degree at Cornell-Weill and later an MPH at Columbia. Since 2011, she has been an assistant professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Columbia Medical School.

Dr. Myers says she is moved and motivated by the bravery of those who struggle with chronic illness. “I relish the chance to connect with people individually,” she says. “I love finding ways to coach people to help themselves, to self-manage their illness and their care, to navigate the health care system. And when that’s not possible, I find joy and meaning in doing it for them. In my current role, I love helping others to take the same approach, training the next generation of coaches and caregivers.”

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