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Anthony J. Dedousis, MD

Anthony J. Dedousis, MD

Chief of Integrative Psychiatry
NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health, Gouverneur

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Serving Mental Health Needs in Lower Manhattan

Dr. Anthony Dedousis says that being a NYC Health + Hospitals psychiatrist has an important benefit to him – and ultimately to his patients – that reflect what health care can be when profit isn’t a factor. “Working for the city’s public health system offers me the time and the opportunity to provide the encompassing care for my patients that would not be afforded to me at private institutions,” he says.

It’s an assessment based on a wealth of experience that Dr. Dedousis has had in numerous settings since joining the system nine years ago. He has been a psychiatric unit chief at NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County, an attending on the teaching unit at NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue, and, since 2018, a psychiatrist with a ride-ranging portfolio at NYC Health + Hospitals/Gotham Health. 

Dr. Dedousis is a committed New Yorker. He grew up in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, earned his bachelor’s degree at New York University and graduated from New York Medical College. He left the city for his residency and a fellowship at the University of North Carolina before coming home to join NYC Health + Hospitals in 2014.

As Chief of Integrative Psychiatry at Gotham Health, Gouverneur, Dr. Dedousis provides care to children and adolescents in the pediatric clinic, treats LBGTQ+ youth in the Judson Health Center and contributes to the family-oriented, culturally competent health care services at Gotham Health, Roberto Clemente. He also provides psychiatric consultation for peripartum patients in Gouverneur’s women’s health division and works closely with the Asian bicultural clinic.  

“I love working with different populations,” Dr. Dedousis says, and in all these settings, having the time and freedom to engage with patients and their families has often been the key to making breakthroughs. While working with youth with psychosis, for example, he was able to meet with patients in their residences. In another instance, he was working with an inpatient who had complex psychosocial and medical conditions that did not respond to treatment. Over time, he developed a trusting relationship that helped him forge a treatment plan that she participated in and improved her symptoms. One thing he’s learned: “People feel and respond to compassion.”

Collaborating with colleagues is another great benefit of being a NYC Health + Hospitals psychiatrist. “The city provides a supportive framework in which to practice medicine,” Dr. Dedousis says. “Working with a team of very compassionate and motivated mental health professionals who are attracted to the important work of community psychiatry is a unique blessing.”

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