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Chris Keeley

Assistant Vice President
Office of Ambulatory Care
NYC Health + Hospitals

Chris is chief operating officer and deputy executive director of the NYC Test & Treat Corps and assistant vice president of the NYC Health + Hospitals Office of Ambulatory Care. He has helped lead the system’s COVID-19 response since March 2020, helping build the city’s COVID-19 telephone hotline, which served thousands of New Yorkers each day, and leading the effort to recruit, credential and deploy thousands of medical providers from across the country so they could support our patients and staff at the frontlines. At NYC Test + Treat, Chris has been responsible for overseeing testing, vaccination, contact tracing, administration, staffing, logistics and more.

Prior to his work on the COVID-19 response, Chris was deeply involved in the transformation of the health system’s patient referral processes and immigration policy efforts. He was a key advisor on the citywide implementation of NYC Care and the system’s efforts around the U.S. Census 2020. Chris has played leadership roles in various departments across NYC Health + Hospitals, and has helped transform the system’s revenue cycle, expand insurance screening access to uninsured New Yorkers and recraft the system’s financial assistance programs, H + H Options and NYC Care. Previously, Chris ran a health care access program for immigrants while working at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and was responsible for large-scale operations and government affairs at a billion-dollar health care start-up. Chris was a community and political organizer for over 10 years prior to turning his focus to equitable health care access for all New Yorkers.