Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board’s dedicated team of community activists and health care advocates has been in existence since 1972. These community volunteers include individuals who utilize NYC Health + Hospitals/Harlem’s services, reside in northern Manhattan, or work for businesses or organizations in the community. They represent the viewpoint and perspective of the community in the hospital’s decision-making process. They keep the community informed about important issues concerning NYC Health + Hospitals and the hospital, as well as updating the patient population on the status of long-term goals and objectives. The Executive Director, Medical Director, Director of Nursing, and other executive staff meet monthly with the Community Advisory Board to discuss activities within the hospital. For more information about the Community Advisory Board contact the Public Affairs office at 212-939-1370.

Community Board Chairperson: Bette White, 212-939-1366 or 1365


Front: L-R: Bette White, Laura Brown, Gloria Jackson, Brandon Brice, Jan Myers Cook, Yvonne F. Kilpatrick, Candi Halbert, Patricia Bettis-Ealey, David Weaver
Back: L-R: Femi Showole, Ed Davila, Douglas Dukeman,Eleanor Kennedy, Stephane Howze, Kenneth Leacock, Frances Blackwell


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