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5 Things To Know about Our Short-Term Rehab and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Learn why NYC Health + Hospitals award-winning post-acute care facilities are widely known as the health system's 'best kept secret.'

Ask Our Expert: How to Choose Your Health Care Proxy

How to choose a representative to make important medical decisions for you, in the event you can't.

Ask Our Expert: Treating Opioid Addiction

NYC Health + Hospitals providers use a unique approach to avoid relapse and stabilize patients' lives.

Ask Our Experts: What You Should Know About Opioids

Rates of addiction and overdose from the use of prescription and illegal opioids are rising and ruining lives across New York City. Learn how to help yourself or a loved one struggling with opioids.

Cold Weather Tips

Protect yourself from harsh temperatures by planning ahead and helping others who may need assistance.

Ask Our Expert: Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk

Colon cancer kills approximately 1,400 New Yorkers every year. Learn how to reduce your risk.

Ask Our Expert: How to Make Sure Your Children Have Healthy Teeth

Keeping teeth healthy is a lifelong commitment that begins in childhood. Follow these tips on helping your child develop good dental habits.

Ask Our Expert: Controlling “The Silent Killer” — High Blood Pressure

1 in 4 New Yorkers suffers from high blood pressure. Follow these tips to reduce your risk and live a heart healthy life.

Ask Our Expert: Helping Moms with Postpartum Depression

Maternal and postpartum depression can affect any woman. Know the signs and how to get help.

Ask Our Expert: Depression or the Blues? How to Tell and Move Forward

Depression won't just go away and no one should be ashamed to get help.