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Beating Alcohol Addiction

Angel Rodriguez knew his drinking was out of control. But he was hiding the devastating impact that alcohol was having on his health.

    Finding a Safe Haven

    Searching for a transgender affirming health care provider, Gavin found the welcoming environment he needed.

      Hard Habit to Break

      Working with patients afflicted with drug abuse, Oswald Vargas never considered his smoking an addiction – until a diagnosis changed his way of thinking.

        Accepting Herself as a Trans Woman

        As a transgender woman, Kal-Elle has a new outlook on her health care.

          Angelique Silva: Finding Strength Amid Battle with Depression

          A routine check-up with her doctor led Angelique Silva to finally face the problems that held her back in life.

          Gladys Madera: Staying Healthy in Her Golden Years

          Gladys Madera, a Bronx grandmom, faced an unexpected crisis when her asthma-like chest pains were diagnosed as a heart condition.

          Frances Joe: Emerging from a Storm

          After suffering a brain aneurysm that left her sick and depressed, Frances Joe was ready to give up. Then, she met the primary care doctor who got her back on track to good health.

          Shaila Chowdhury: Prenatal Care Made For Today’s Muslim Woman

          Shaila Chowdhury has two requests at her prenatal checkups: to have her husband present and be examined by a female doctor.

          Patricia Rodriguez: Inspired by Support, A Survivor Reaches Out

          As she battled breast cancer, Patricia Rodriguez found no support groups for Spanish-speaking cancer patients. So, she started one at NYC Health + Hospitals/Queens.

          Heart Attack at 42 Jolts Him to Change

          Allan Wright thought taking medication was enough to control his high blood pressure. A heart attack changed everything.