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Women’s Health

Women are the majority of caregivers in this country and the health care decision makers in their family. Women take the lead role in choosing a family doctor, selecting a health plan, scheduling check-ups and making sure their loved ones are safe and healthy. The responsibilities that women shoulder make them the foundation of healthy families, and by extension, healthy communities across the five boroughs.

At NYC Health + Hospitals we get that. While women are taking care of so many others, it’s also really important that they take care of themselves.

Our mission is to offer health care to New York City women regardless of immigration status, health insurance, or the language they speak. Our commitment is to empower them to live their healthiest life by giving them access to quality, affordable and culturally responsive health care services when and where they need it.

If you are a girl or a woman, and you need health care, we’re here to help you:

Our vision of women’s health isn’t limited to medical treatment delivered within the four walls of our health centers or hospitals. We also partner with social services providers to help them overcome problems like inadequate housing, not having enough food for their families, or domestic violence.

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Women’s Health at NYC Health + Hospitals: Find a Location

All NYC Health + Hospitals facilities provide women’s health services. Find an NYC Health + Hospitals facility near you. We are proud to serve the needs of a diverse population. Learn more about our language and translation services.

Women’s Options Services:

NYC Health + Hospitals facilities offer comprehensive and confidential care for women that includes contraceptive counseling, management of pregnancy loss, and elective pregnancy termination. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment. Please contact our patient care location to find the services available. We are dedicated to offering contraceptive services without regard for your ability to pay.

In New York State, women under 18 years of age do NOT need parental consent.