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COVID-19 ALERT: Find Community Testing Sites. Learn more about NYC Test & Trace Corps.


The COVID-19 test is safe, fast and easy.

NYC Health + Hospitals offers free, walk in testing at hospitals, health centers, and new pop-up locations across the five boroughs. Click here to find an NYC Health + Hospitals testing location in your community.

In addition to the testing sites run by our public health system, there are more than 100 testing locations throughout the five boroughs. To find other testing sites, click here.

All New Yorkers Should Get Tested

All New Yorkers should get a COVID-19 diagnostic test, whether or not they have symptoms or are at increased risk. Tests are fast, simple and free. You should look for a testing site near your home.

You will not be asked about immigration status. COVID-19 testing and care services are not a public benefit under the public charge rule (PDF).

Repeat Testing

If you have already been tested and were found to be negative, you should get another test if:

  • You have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • You or your provider is concerned by a possible exposure, such as:
    • Spending time in large crowds
    • An exposure to someone with confirmed or possible COVID-19
    • Breaches in wearing a face covering or maintaining physical distancing
  • You work in a residential congregate setting, such as a nursing home or shelter.
  • You are planning to visit someone at highest risk for severe COVID-19 illness, including people 65 or older and people with serious underlying medical conditions.
    • Try to maintain strict physical distancing and other precautions for at least 10 days before you get tested. If you have had COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14 days, no matter how minor, postpone your visit.

Getting Tested

There are several ways the COVID-19 test can be given. Tests may require:

  • nasal swab – either a short, self-administered one or a longer one that a trained professional administers
  • saliva sample
  • oral swab

If You Test Positive

You’ll generally receive test results within one to two days. If you test positive, that means you have COVID-19 and are at risk of spreading it to others.

One of our trained Contact Tracers will contact you by phone promptly to make sure you get the medical care and support you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Our Contact Tracers will be able to offer a wide range of support services to help you self-isolate at home or in a hotel free of charge.

Learn More About the COVID-19 Test

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