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Seek Care Without Fear – Know The Facts

We care about your health, not your immigration status. NYC Health + Hospitals respects the privacy of all patients, regardless of immigration status. We want you to get the care you need today, before you get sick, and before it becomes an emergency. All New Yorkers should seek care without fear.

FACT: There have been NO recent reported cases of immigration agents arresting an immigrant at a hospital or doctor’s office in New York City.

Federal policy says immigration agents should avoid stopping, searching, or arresting immigrants in hospitals, health clinics, or doctors’ offices, except in limited circumstances.

FACT: There have been no reported cases of immigration agents trying to deport someone in New York because they received or applied for health insurance. Many immigrants are eligible for health insurance.

Even if you are undocumented, you should see if you or a family member are eligible for health insurance by calling 311 and asking for “Get Covered NYC”

FACT: It is safe and it is smart to see the doctor and to go to the emergency room when you have an emergency. NYC Health + Hospitals cares for people no matter what your immigration status is.

NYC Health + Hospitals will honor your right to privacy. You will not be asked about your immigration status when you come in to receive care. The only time you will be asked about your immigration status is if you apply for insurance. This information will NOT be recorded by NYC Health + Hospitals.

FACT: Medical records have special protections and there have been NO recent reported cases of immigration agents using medical records to try to deport someone in New York.

Federal law protects your medical records. New York State and New York City policies limit what information can be shared with federal immigration officials.

FACT: Children under 19 years old are eligible for health coverage even if they or their parents are undocumented.

New York State’s Child Health Plus provides free or low-cost health coverage for children regardless of their or their parents’ status. Call 311 and ask for “Get Covered NYC” to get enrolled.

Most City services are available regardless of immigration status, including education, health care, emergency food and shelter, and public safety protection and emergency assistance.

To find a hospital or neighborhood health center, click here.

Anyone with questions about their eligibility for health insurance, or who wants to sign up for health insurance, can call 311 and ask for “Get Covered NYC”.