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Important Information about Paying for Your Care at NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan

If you do not have health insurance that covers the services you receive from us, you may be eligible for financial assistance in paying your medical bills. Information about financial assistance is available at our Managed Care Financial Assistance Office by contacting (212) 423-8845.

NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan is a participating provider in many health plan networks. You can find a list of the plans in which we participate in this package or at the following website:

The information on NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan’s participating plans is current as of the date on the list. You should contact your health plan directly to confirm that you are covered for the services that you will be receiving and that NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan is in network for your particular health plan. It is important to check whether we participate in the specific insurance product under which you are covered. The contact number for your health plan is listed on your insurance card.

It is also important for you to know that the physician services you receive in the hospital may not be included in the hospital’s charges. Physicians who provide services at the hospital may be independent voluntary physicians or they may be employed by a physician group. NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan does contract with a physician group, listed below, to provide services at the hospital. The physician group can provide information on the participating plans for your physician, as well as any other physicians who will be required for your care, such as anesthesiologists, radiologists and pathologists. You should contact the group directly to find out about their participating health plans, as well as financial assistance options for your physician services. The group’s website is listed below. You can find the information on participating physicians by selecting the link “Insurance Participation List”. A list of our physicians is also available at this website:

For NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan, the group to contact is:

Metropolitan Medical Practice Plan, P.C.
NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan
1901 First Avenue New York, NY – 10029
(631) 675 -9300
(718) 579-6200

Hospitals are required by law to make available information about their standard charges for the items and services they provide. At NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan this information is available by contacting (646) 672-3487 Outpatient Customer Service or (212) 423-7695 for Inpatient Customer Service.


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