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Test & Treat Corps

The NYC Test & Treat Corps is New York City’s comprehensive program to ensure COVID-19 testing, treatment and Long COVID care. The Corps provides convenient, widespread access to free testing and connections to COVID-19 treatments through its mobile Test to Treat program and the city’s COVID Hotline, 212-COVID19. The Corps also manages a network of over 250 free at-home test distribution sites where New Yorkers can pick up at-home tests.

  • Test – Free COVID-19 rapid testing, PCR testing and mobile Test to Treat testing sites offering direct connections to COVID-19 treatments are available to you at hundreds of locations across New York City. You can also pick up at-home tests to keep yourself and your loved ones prepared at the first signs of symptoms or exposure! Find testing near you.

    New Yorkers may now present proof of a positive test — including at-home test results and test results from any external testing provider — at all mobile Test to Treat units to be evaluated for and prescribed COVID treatments on site. Learn more.
  • Talk – If you test positive for COVID-19, including using an at-home test, call your provider right away to learn more about treatments available to you. If you don’t have a provider, call 212-COVID-19 to be directly connected to a clinician who can determine your eligibility and prescribe treatment. Learn more.
  • Treat – Getting treatment lowers your risk of hospitalization, and could save your life. The faster your COVID-19 treatment begins, the faster you can recover. If your symptoms continue for more than 28 days after infection, you may be suffering from Long COVID. Help is available! Please call 212-COVID19 and press 4 to speak with an AfterCare navigator and be connected to health and social resources. Learn more.

The NYC Test & Treat Corps provides New Yorkers access to free COVID-19 testing regardless of their location, ability to pay, insurance or immigration status and ensures that anyone with the virus can quickly be connected to life-saving treatments. The mobile Test to Treat program operates testing sites with on-site clinicians who can prescribe anti-viral treatments like Paxlovid minutes after a positive test.

New Yorkers who test positive using an at-home test can also call the city’s COVID Hotline, 212-COVID-19 (212-268-4319) to be immediately connected to clinicians who can prescribe Paxlovid and arrange to have it delivered to their homes that same day.

New Yorkers infected with or exposed to COVID-19 who need information to safely isolate or quarantine can use the COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Guidance Tool to receive personalized guidance that fits their specific circumstances.

The public health initiative is led by doctors, public health professionals and community advocates with NYC Health + Hospitals in close collaboration with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, other city agencies and hundreds of community partners.

Our Commitment to New Yorkers

NYC Health + Hospitals and its Test & Treat Corps are dedicated to providing quality health care to all New Yorkers, regardless of income, gender identity, immigration status or ability to pay.

The NYC Test & Treat Corps is committed to protecting the privacy and security of New Yorkers’ personal and health information as required by federal, state and city law. The information that the Corps receives through contact tracing is confidential and protected under the New York City Health Code. The Corps does not ask about anyone’s immigration status. Any information the Corps obtains is stored securely and used by authorized Corps staff for the limited purpose of protecting public health. The NYC Test & Treat Corps database is not linked to any law enforcement databases.